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5 cosy, awe-inspiring and grounding free nature activities for winter

Take some time for yourself and your relationship with the more-than-human world this winter season with these five free, cosy, awe-inspiring and grounding activities. 1. MAKE A SIMPLE MINI CRACKER For those of you celebrating Christmas or New Year with crackers (this what a cracker is in case you aren't based in the UK), why not get cosy with some festive music, biscuits and a mulled wine or apple juice and make your own with this free template complete with reindeer and spruce tree illustrations by me, Agnes Becker? Download the printable cracker templates Download the printable cracker facts How to make your cracker video tutorial on Instagram 2. EMBRACE THE DARK At this time of year nights are long and days...

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3 benefits of stargazing

"Experiencing the night sky...triggers a host of physical and psycological benefits, from boosting creativity and lowering stress to making us care more about the  wellbeing of our planet." - Jo Marchant, Author, The Human Cosmos Although studying the science of awe is in its early stages, emerging results suggest this emotion has multiple benefits for a healthy life, society and planet. Stargazing is one of the best ways to experience awe and photos of the starry night sky are often used to trigger feelings of awe in scientific research. Creativity and curiosity Scientists studying the emotion of awe – “the feeling of being in the presence of something vast that transcends your understanding of the world” – have found that...

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5 nature-based affirmations for folk seeking to rewild their souls

  While everything I do at We Are Stardust is about encouraging us to interact with green spaces, it is often what we believe about ourselves that directs how we behave and act in the world. While we may want to live a rich, nourished life in relationship with nature, if we don't believe that is something we can have, it is unlikely we will create that life for ourselves.   I have been craving some nature-based affirmations and as I couldn't find any online, I wrote some of my own in my latest blog and thought you may find them helpful to repeat to yourself as needed too. I prioritise time in nature for a full, nourished life. Everything...

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