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April 2024 - 91 Magazine Love What You Do blog series

December 2022 - Season 4, Episode 4 - What Nature Can Teach Us About Our Bodies, Reframing Chronic Illness Podcast with Alana Holloway

November 2022 - Episode 129 - We Are Stardust, Courage and Spice Podcast with Sas Petherick

August 2022 - Episode 98 - Agnes Becker, Journaling With Nature Podcast with Bethan Burton

January 2021 - Episode 96 Coaching Episode – Communicating Purpose, Focusing Ideas, and Bringing Your Audience Along On A Pivot with Agnes Becker, Grow With Soul Podcast by Kayte Ferris

January 2020 - Episode 11: Doing Things Our Own Way with Agnes Becker, Living Your Truth Podcast by Hira Sameer Ahmed