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We are stardust is a greetings card shop where art and science collide. Cards are researched, illustrated and designed by Agnes Becker for those with wild natures, sophisticated minds, and loyal hearts. Each card captures a fact, story or curiosity, so that when you post a we are stardust card to your loved one, you gift them with a moment of wonder for the natural world.

We are stardust has four collections:

  • Anatomy - discover your inner beauty
  • Astronomy - journey through the heavens
  • Botany - step into the wilderness
  • Zoology - explore the animal kingdom

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The Story behind We are stardust

"Every one of us is a memorial to long-dead stars. Every one of us was quite literally made in heaven.”

– Marcus Chown, The Magic Furnace

We are stardust is a celebration of how we are all connected to each other and the universe around us. Many years ago when the universe was born stars exploded to make the elements of the earth. These elements are what make everything in the world - me, you, the sea, creatures big and small, the clouds and the stars.

Albert Einstein once said “the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”. Both art and science require us to use our imagination to gain a deeper understanding of nature and our place in the world. Art is a creative expression based on our experiences of the world. Science is our search to understand how the physical world works. In the words of Professor Brian Cox, “deeper understanding confers that most precious thing - wonder.” That is exactly what we are stardust hopes to inspire: a moment of wonder.

We are stardust is guided by three values:


Boreal Owl Happy Nesting Card

We are stardust loves wilderness; it is for those who love adventures, exploring and discovering. Cards are created with respect and awe for the natural world. The Scientific Revolution in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries saw early natural scientists adventure around the world, collecting and naming strange new species and testing hypotheses. We are stardust is inspired by this exciting time of polymaths and is influenced by the star charts, anatomical etchings and botanical prints of the time. Respecting nature means all we are stardust materials are sourced responsibly. Cards are printed on Forestry Stewardship Council certified paper and posted wrapped in biodegradable cellos with envelopes made from recycled kraft paper. Even shipping envelopes and business cards are made from recycled paper. In buying a we are stardust card you can be sure you are not contributing to the destruction of the world’s forests.


To the Moon and Back = 477170 miles of love greetings card

We are stardust has style and substance; it is for those who value beauty, knowledge and learning. With a minimalist style, inspired by old scientific etchings from textbooks, ink, watercolour and paper crafts are used to illustrate the cards. Ideas come from many places - a conversation with a colleague; reading an interesting article; looking at why nature is the way it is and wanting to learn more. As reliable a source as possible is searched for to inform a card’s concept. Artwork is scanned into the computer for editing and sending to a professional printing company who print the designs on high-quality Soft Castillo White 300gsm card that is beautiful to write on and feels luxurious to touch.


Anatomical Heart Birthday greetings card

We are stardust has a loyal heart; it is for those who fiercely love their friends and family. Cards are created as precious gifts to share with loved ones and to spark a connection with the natural world. Indeed, we are stardust is indebted to family and friends who patiently give feedback on endless design ideas! Loved ones are so important in leading a fulfilled life. It's good to send them a card once in a while to tell them how much we love them.

About Agnes Becker 


I have never sat comfortably within the sciences or arts, I’ve always been somewhere inbetween.

As a child I used to imagine I was an explorer in a jungle gathering unusual animal specimens on mysterious tropical islands or discovering ancient civilisations. I’d draw maps of my explorations and collect strange stones, shells and flowers. The boundaries between art and science weren’t there - it was all about exploring the world.

At school I loved both art and science and studied them all the way up to age 18. After studying natural sciences and science media production I ended up in the field of science communication, where I have the privilege of working with some of the best scientific minds and at some of the oldest research institutions in the country.

We are stardust is a natural progression from my childhood imaginations and an extension of how I see the world. I first had the idea when I worked at the Science Museum and looked at the products in the shop all for people who love science. I didn't want we are stardust to be a shop just for those who love science, I wanted it to be a place for everyone who loves learning about the natural world. So I started we are stardust in 2013 as a shop for all sophisticated, curious minds.

Every Friday, I spend a day working on we are stardust in a calm, warm little room filled with light. Living in St Albans, UK, I am surrounded by countryside and just 20 minutes from London – a metropolis of scientific discovery for centuries.

I hope my cards give you - fellow nature lovers - a way of sharing your curiosity for the world with your loved ones.

Everything and everyone is connected. We are one, small part in this giant, amazing universe, the scope of which we can’t comprehend...We all rely on each other and on nature to survive and be content. So let’s look after each other, be compassionate, empathetic and kind...Experience the big, strong and loud as well as the small, delicate and quiet. Take care of the world around you, and the ones you love. We only have this life!

- True Face Revolution interview


I am always looking for collaborations so if you’re a scientist with a great idea or a lifestyle blogger who wants to collaborate on a card series, please get in touch.


Most photos have been taken by my colleague Neil Spicer at Neil James Spicer Photography.


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