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You long to run outside, feel the rich earth under your feet, the wind in your hair, the birdsong in your soul but the system has you feeling like you don't have time, frustrated and stuck in soulless rooms, constantly 'doing' to prove your worth. 

Go outside or sit by your window, listen to this FREE 5-minute awe-inspiring audio adventure and travel into the hidden world of We Are Stardust: 

We Are Stardust FREE awe-inspiring audio adventure 

A simple checklist to beat the overwhelm and help you choose and hang the right artwork for your home

Artwork in your home can make a room sing when hung in the right way, and can really help you pull together a room. It’s often the magic ingredient in a space.

But how do you decide which artwork is right for you? And how on earth should you hang it? Check out these 7 tips written for We Are Stardust by interior stylist Hannah Bullivant: