5 nature-based affirmations for folk seeking to rewild their souls

5 nature-based affirmations for folk seeking to rewild their souls

Agnes stands in an autumn wood looking away from the camera


While everything I do at We Are Stardust is about encouraging us to interact with green spaces, it is often what we believe about ourselves that directs how we behave and act in the world. While we may want to live a rich, nourished life in relationship with nature, if we don't believe that is something we can have, it is unlikely we will create that life for ourselves.
I have been craving some nature-based affirmations and as I couldn't find any online, I wrote some of my own in my latest blog and thought you may find them helpful to repeat to yourself as needed too.
  1. I prioritise time in nature for a full, nourished life.
  2. Everything on earth, including myself, is made of atoms forged in the fiery furnaces of long dead stars. I am stardust. I am nature. I belong.
  3. Just as trees lose their leaves in Autumn and lower their branches at night, I respond to my environment and my body's needs.
  4. I feel [more myself] when I spend immersive time in [green space]. 
  5. I pay loving attention to the living world around me.

Adapt those with brackets so they work best for you.

Let me know how these affirmations have helped you in the comments. If you want to deepen your relationship with the more-than-human world, do take a look at the We Are Stardust nature guides and workshops.

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I have been struggling with various everyday problems but changing my attitude and letting the “leaves drop from my worry tree” has made an amazing difference. I wake full of energy ( not worried by the insomnia!) and go out in the early morning freshness, stars still shining and the world still skeeping. It is a secret time, a special “me” time. Thank you for your reflections . Fuel for our adventure!


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