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Enjoy these free we are stardust templates, including letters, Christmas crackers and decorations.

Scots pine letters

Scots pine close up

Walking through the silent pine forest, the air is crisp and your breath forms clouds of condensation. A light dusting of snow covers the frozen ground and your boots crunch on fallen needles. Towering above you are 300-year-old Scots pine trees, their twin needles glinting with snowflakes in the weak winter sunshine. You can imagine the Druids celebrating the winter solstice in Scots pine glades, decorating the trees with lights to represent the Divine Light. You pick a few twigs and make a wreath - the pine is a symbol of peace.

Scots pine branch template

Download the Scots pine branch letter template [565KB, PDF]

Scots pine wreath letter template

Download the Scots pine wreath letter template [1.45MB, PDF]

Starling murmuration letter

Starling murmuration letter template

"The sun of fading creatures shivers with your heartbeat, they fly over the stories held in the peat, telling their own. Wingbeats the rush in a seashell or a hum in the maize or the mutter of pages turned in haste.."

- from Starling Song by Kitty Macfarlane

This letter celebrates how Starlings gather together to create mesmerising swirling clouds in still winter skies. Although the reason starlings form murmurations is still a mystery, it is thought that it helps protect them from predators and allows them to exchange information about the best feeding sites. Coming together to look after one another is a message our world needs right now and one that carries meaning when this letter is posted to loved ones.


Reindeer and Norway spruce Christmas cracker template and facts

Christmas tree cracker
Growing up, Christmas crafting was a part of the festivities and I have really enjoyed testing out these mini crackers. You can buy snaps quite cheaply online and then fill them with little treats: 

  • Treasures from nature walks, e.g. acorns, small pine cones.
  • Small chocolates or nuts
  • Festive tea
  • Small decorations

Of course you'll need a festive fact to pop in too, so print off the template below, cut out the facts and add them into your cracker.

- Download the mini christmas cracker template [10.9MB, PDF] - 


Video: How to make your we are stardust Christmas crackers

Reindeer and Norway spruce Christmas decorations

Reindeer decoration hanging in Christmas branches

Create simple Reindeer and Christmas tree decorations - easy to make and a perfect stocking filler as a Christmas Day or Boxing Day activity.

Making Christmas decorations. Christmas tree decoration with copper embossing lies on table with glitter, scissors and glue.


- Download the Christmas decoration template [PDF, 2.3MB] -