Free Nature Journaling Project

"To develop a complete mind: Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else."

- attributed to Leonardo da Vinci

Awaken your curiosity and wonder for the natural world

Join me from 19 October for 3 days of autumnal nature journaling - a free community project.

Drawing while immersed in the natural world is something I have always loved doing. Drawing helps me to stop and notice, to see things I hadn't seen before, to be completely lost in the moment. Somehow over the years since finishing school I stopped doing it. I'd draw from life in my studio but not outside.

I was inspired to learn more about nature journaling after hearing it mentioned on a podcast and after some research I started this Spring (Intrigued? Watch a video of me nature journaling in the garden). Though I have always created artwork from nature I am early on in my nature journaling journey and I'd love to create a community of people also interested in creating a deeper connection with nature, fellow humans and ourselves through this practice.

Notice, wonder, connect

From 19 October 2020, I'll send out three daily emails with suggestions of how to get started based on my experience and research, including sketching tips. We will explore how to notice and be present, awaken curiosity and wonder and find connections with and belonging to the natural world. The suggestions will only take 10 minutes each and I hope we can encourage and support each other through the project through sharing our work via the Instagram hashtag #NoticeWonderConnect. If you're interested, sign up below.

Sign up for 3 days of nature journaling