Free Autumn Tree Project

Autumn Tree Project logo on background of autumn trees photo
"Love of nature is the spring from which stewardship flows. In contrast, disconnection from nature leads to apathy in the face of all environmental problems. A useful way to define love is sustained, compassionate attention." - John Muir Laws
Join me for 3 days of nature journaling to get to know a local tree. Over three days, I'll send you simple, nourishing and inspiring prompts to help you get to know a local tree better.

It may be a tree you walked past during lockdown walks, one where you stopped and felt a moment of peace during what has been an anxiety inducing couple of years. Perhaps it is a tree that holds memories of loved ones. Reading this, you may know already which tree you'd like to show some love...

As we begin another autumnal season I am determined for things to be different this time. Our local trees have given us peace, wellbeing and solace on local lockdown walks. I want to start this autumn gently and filled as much as possible with creativity and time outdoors - things that give me the hope and love I need to continue to deepen my reciprocal relationship with the earth.

I am so looking forward to next week. I have a deep love of trees, especially in autumn. Let's celebrate their wonder by showing them some love.