Life is full of phases

Life is full of phases

"People in centuries past planned night time journeys and autumn harvests according to the lunar phases; the bright full Moon helped light the roads and fields."

In April 2020 I will be launching a range of cards, notelets, postcards and prints all about the Moon's phases.

My recent research about the Moon's phases has given me a renewed perspective of how incredible our existence on this Earth is. It is spring time in the UK and I am noticing new shoots coming up from the ground, leaves appearing on the trees, and bees buzzing again - all thanks to the Earth's slight tilt and the its orbit around the Sun. 

Similarly, I now notice the Moon's orbit and cycle more: How you always see the Full Moon in the night sky because it rises and sets in opposition to the Sun but how you never see the New Moon because by that time in the lunar calendar the Moon is rising and setting with the Sun, leaving the sky starlit. My research about the plants and animals who are biologically affected by the Moon's phases has been fascinating too, for example, Whip-poor-wills nightjars hatch just after the new Moon so parents can hunt for food more easily as the full Moon emerges. 

To think I'm standing on the Earth flying around space right now and to know the Moon's phases will cycle round every month thanks to its elliptical orbit around the Earth fills me with awe and helps me feel part of something greater.

I can't wait to share the final prints and cards with you soon, their message seems particularly important given current circumstances. In the meantime, please feel free to download this moon phases mobile phone wallpaper to remind you that this too shall pass.

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