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Making willow leaf ink

I have started working on my next art collection about Rivers. River as power, River as life, river as creative spirit. Rivers have always been in my life - the River Ouse, River Cam, River Elbe, River Wye, River Thames and back to the River Ouse again here in Bedfordshire, UK, where I live.    Since starting the Stardust Adventures I have found myself drawn to the forms of the river, veins, blood vessels, neurons, roots, mycelium, lungs. Branching fractals seemed to follow me wherever I looked and I felt drawn to explore them in more depth.   I am taking a new approach with my process this time, guided by an art mentor (and dear artist friend). I am spending time on the river bank, sketching, collecting,...

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How do you know if a painting is meant for you?

'Let the sky take hold of your breath' Original Artwork by Agnes Becker (2022)   You're in a rush when you see it. The painting.It's morning and you need to get somewhere and the kettle broke so you didn't get your tea. And you'll probably be late. Again.But as you run down the stairs, you see the painting in front of you and for a moment you stop and begin to melt into the ancient world beneath - the world that is always there. The world where you feel alive and full of wonder and creativity.And in that moment you can almost feel the cold wind on your face, almost hear the rush of wings as birds gather in the...

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